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What is Fixed Wiring Inspection and Testing?

June 17, 2013

This is what it says, the inspection and testing of all your fixed wiring, this includes fuse boards (consumer unit) and all wiring from these units to your lights, sockets, roller doors, fire alarm etc

How often does this need doing?

It depends on the buildings use, but generally follows the table below.

What does it cost?

Every installation is different but if you fill in the quotation page we will get back to you the same working day

Will the test disturb my day to day operation?

Power does have to be isolated for some of the testing, but we will work with you to minimize disruption and even work out of normal hours if required

General installations
Type of premises Inspection Test
Domestic Change of occupancy/10 years
Commercial 1 year 5 year
Hospitals 1 year 5 year
Industrial 1 year 3 year
Residential accommodation Change of occupancy/1 year 5 year
Offices 1 year 5 year
Shops 1 year 5 year
Laboratories 1 year 5 year


Buildings open to the public
Type of premises Inspection Test
Cinemas 1 year 1 to 3 years
Churches 1 year 5 year
Leisure complexes 1 year 3 year
Places of public entertainment 1 year 3 year
Restaurant and hotels Change of occupancy/1 year 5 year
Theatres 1 year 3 year
Public houses 1 year 5 year
Village halls 1 year 5 year


Special installation
Type of premises Inspection Test
Agriculture and horticulture 1 year 3 year
Swimming pools 4 months 1 year
Caravan Parks 6 months 1 year
Fire Alarms Daily/weekly/monthly 1 year
Emergency Lighting Daily/Monthly 1 year
Laundrettes 1 year 1 year
Marinas 4 months 1 year
Petrol filling stations 1 year 1 year

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