Avoiding Electrical and Fire Hazards at Work

What causes most fires at work?

The million pound question. A common and easy cause would be smoking – flammable materials in hazardous environments is a blatant risk. However, that is only a small part of fire safety. At least 2000 fires per year resulted from misused equipment, while some are due to overloaded circuits, shoddy workmanship or lack of maintenance in both electrical and fire safety appliances.

How can this be prevented?

Having professionals regularly checking your electrical set-up will help ensure all your appliances are safe to use. Additionally, with 6 monthly testing of fire alarms, testing and replacements of fire extinguishers and PAT testing, you will always have peace of mind. AEL offer a 5 in 1 testing package ensuring you’re compliant with BS 7671, 5839 and 5266 – covering your Fixed Wire Testing, Fire Alarms and Emergency Lights, as well as extinguishers and portable appliances.


Lights Out, Fire Blazing

We know what happens in a fire, but the experience would be far more terrifying than how we imagine it. Many people die due to exposure, bad navigation and lack of overall protection. With good emergency lighting systems, fire alarms and proper equipment to combat a fire your premise will be evacuated safely with no lives cost. As for the remaining percentage of fires being deliberate damage from arsonists, the proper security equipment will prevent them from costing you money and materials.

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