Cold Water Grimsby Icelandic Group UK ltd

Cold WaterThe facility operates 24 hours a day, it was vitally important for Cold Water to ensure we had continuity of service in our food preparation facilities. Our costs were increasing and we found that we were experiencing more disruption as we had to replace more and more of our sodium high bay lights.

We discussed this challenge with AEL and set them the goal to improve our energy consumption minimize disruption to our workforce and improve the working environment.
AEL went about a full site audit and conducted a lighting survey to understand and provide a full cost benefit analysis around upgrading our lighting to an LED solution.

The proposed solution

  • Following the audit AEL recommended replacing the 76 x 400w sodium high bay fittings with 38 x 146w LED high bay lights
  • The cost benefit analysis illustrated a 12 month payback period
  • The installation was scheduled to fit around the Cold Water working operation and was completed within the agreed timing plan
  • We improved working environment with a much cleaner light, the workforce reported a much more pleasant environment which improved productivity
  • We also experienced a quicker payback period than initially calculated which was within 10 months
  • Our maintenance costs, have dramatically decreased as we have not had to replace a single bulb in the 2 years since the installation
  • We have complete peace of mind as all the bulbs come with a 5 year warranty or full replacement
  • This is a critical lighting provision and we have seen and instant positive reaction and reduced the potential for any health and safety issues on the site
  • We are really pleased with the product which is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards of quality and the manufacturer provides us with a full 5 year replacement warranty

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