Electrical and Fire Maintenance: Our 5 in 1 Testing Package

A package like no other.

BS 7671 – Fixed Wire Testing

BS 7671 suggests all installations require testing over certain periods of time. Domestic premises require testing at the change of occupancy or every 10 years, every 5 years for commercial installations (unless recommended otherwise) and 3 years for industrial premises. Testing on your installation can vary based on your operations. More information can be found on our FAQ page.

BS 5839 – Fire Alarm Testing

BS 5839 states you need your Fire Alarm System testing every 6 months to ensure it is compliant with all regulation and for best practice. It is also recommended to have a fire warden on site at all times in case of emergency. AEL have 4 fire wardens to cover each zone with our emergency plan wherever we can fit one. Fire Alarms are typically powered by a central system, powered by the building power with a battery backup. Without the right alarms, they could either give a false alarm or not sound at all in an emergency.

BS 5266 – Emergency Lights

BS 5266 states all installations require testing over certain periods of time. Emergency Lights are essential for safety in your workplace as everyone needs to be able to see to evacuate a building in event of a power outage or disaster. These lights are battery powered by siphoning the electric source and they will last up to 3 hours without mains power. More information can be found on our FAQ page.

PAT Testing and Fire Extinguishers

PAT Testing is the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use. Although this is not mandatory, it is best practice and best for your safety to ensure there are no faulty appliances that could cause a hazard. Fire Extinguishers are vital for fire safety. They could sit on your premise and require testing and labelling, gathering dust but one day you could need that fire extinguisher – and you would need it to work. Not only will you help your staff, your building and your stock but you will also help the emergency services if the fire does start to get out of hand during the fight. These are an essential and AEL can supply and maintain these fire extinguishers.


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