Electrical Installations and LED Lighting with AEL

Our Works

New housing estates, commercial, retail, and industrial developments, all require an electrical installation and Analogue Electrics (AEL) have a team that can help you; design, install and maintain such installations. Panel boards and bespoke control panels are also within their capabilities and AEL are always ready to help.

We have provided quality electrical works for large utilities companies, surgeries, retail and even local authorities. As a tier 2 contractor it is important to be as experienced and professional as possible, working to the highest standard and ensuring our staff and your staff are always in the best working conditions.

With energy saving being at the forefront of their client’s thoughts, lighting surveys have become a weekly request to AEL and the savings and transformation this type of lighting gives is always a delight to our customers. Do you have a project in the not too distant future? Want to see where the savings on your utilities can be made? Contact AEL today.

COVID Procedures

We follow government guidelines fully and supply our electricians with face coverings, hand gels and cleaning equipment.