How Often Do Fire Alarms Need Testing?

At Analogue Electrics Ltd, we have gathered knowledge and expertise in fire safety and detection systems since our beginnings in 1994.

“Modern properly maintained systems rarely suffer equipment malfunctions but it is estimated that false alarms cost the UK in excess of £1 billion a year.”

Quote from FIA.

False Alarms Can Be Costly

In the instance of a false alarm, the first could cost emergency services £300 plus VAT and leave you wondering if your business and staff are truly safe from what is in it’s nature a dangerous element. In 2017, 38000 false alarms were attended in London alone. For the whole of England this figure will be much bigger. These false alarms can be caused by poor design, installation or lack of maintenance. Along with electrical installations, fire systems too age.

For this reason you need to get your fire alarms tested every 6 months. Doing this ensures your premise is safer, your employees are safe with peace of mind and you don’t have to pay a hefty fine or lose production on continuous faults.

At AEL we know fire alarms aren’t a cost – rather a worthy investment. As a BAFE approved contractor, we are very capable of making sure your system and your business is safe.


FIA: Fire Industry Association, a respected body providing training and qualifications for fire safety.

Systems: There are various types of fire alarm systems – some for domestic dwellings, some for commercial buildings and others for different requirements.

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