Electrical Installation

From small power outlets to large factories AEL have, for over 20 years, safely installed power circuits for many customers.

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From small power outlets to large factories AEL over their nearly 20 years have safely installed 10’s of thousands of power circuits for thousands of satisfied customers.

We can design the electrical installation to meet your exact requirement and it can be installed at a time that suits you.

AEL has a wealth of experience in the various sectors, working with our clients to keep their premises running and maintained. We are also involved when the workplace grows and new lines need to be operational.

Key benefits of using AEL:

  • We understand the importance of keeping your workplace operational.
  • We employ highly qualified and professional electricians.
  • We offer a reliable call out service covered by our guarantee.
  • We are experienced in the industrial sector.

We offer a full service to our industrial clients including:

  • Breakdown service for all your equipment.
  • Electrical design and installation of all your LV wiring system.
  • Installation of mains distribution switchboards.
  • Control panel design, build and installation.
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