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Security Installation

  CCTV Security Camera Installation

AEL provide CCTV camera systems suitable for any environment, increasing safety and peace of mind.

• Home
• Retail
• Warehousing
• Cold storage
• Foundry’s
• Schools and Colleges
• Offices

CCTV camera systems can be an extremely simple installation (providing fantastic picture quality), through to a full web based IP CCTV system, allowing real time images to be viewed from any PC across the world.

We supply cameras which can be installed for an instant high visual effect or subtle, covert operation.

Whatever your security requirement, AEL offer a bespoke, highly effective system to suit your needs.

  Domestic Alarm Systems

Does anyone care?
Just ask someone who has returned home and found the house ransacked, their car gone, and the personal items that can never be replaced stolen.

We think you know the answer.

How many alarms do we install after the event? Far too many!

AEL install cost effective alarm systems for the home from as little as £295.00 plus vat.

System types include:

• Wireless systems
• Conventional alarms
• Key fob control
• Pet wise systems

All the above systems can be connected to dialers if required which will call you or the Police automatically in the event of the alarm activating.

Domestic home alarm systems are simple to use, require very little maintenance and are the best deterrent to would be intruders.

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For Commercial installations please contact us or call 01302 710706.

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