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Fire Extinguisher Testing

fire extinguisher

They sit on the wall and they never get used.

Just imagine the day they do and they work exactly as they should. The fires out, no one hurt and damage to your business is kept to a minimum. That’s the day you will be glad you used AEL for your fire extinguisher testing.

  AEL will:

– Service and inspect all units as required.

– We will make sure that all your extinguishers are located correctly and not holding doors open.

– We make sure the correct labels are in place.

– We will give you a full register of all your extinguishers and the dates they will need taking out of service.

– Only BAFE trained personnel are used for this service.

– If you take a further safety service discounts will apply.

– You can be sure that when we leave and have signed off your premises you will be fully compliant.

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