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To help you fill in this form, please quickly read the points below.


This refers to the actual quantity of the items needing testing.


Just count the amount of appliances you have.

Fixed wire testing

Simply count the amount of fuses or circuit breakers, if you have more than one board just make a list for yourself and add them all up. eg. Fuse board 1 has 18 circuits fuse board 3 has 9 circuits, therefore 9 and 18 is 27 so just fill in 27.

Emergency lighting

How many of these do you have?

Fire alarm

Add the number of devices together, that is smoke and heat detectors, sounders and break glasses, we don’t need to know how many of each just how many in total.

Fire extinguishers

Really easy this one just count how many you have.

Gas certificate

That’s how many appliances, this will usually be one in a commercial property i.e the boiler but you may have a gas fire or a gas hob etc, either way just add them up and fill in the tab.


This is really for companies who have multiple branches in different towns, not really for the number of buildings on the same site,  If you have multiple branches just put in the quantity at the side of each test. If you have lots give us a call we’d love to talk to you.

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