Health & Safety

Here at AEL we are committed to a safe working environment for our customers, employees and the general public.

We believe through continual training of our staff and weekly tool box talks on a range of subjects AEL staff are equipped for the work you as our customers employ them to do.

Health and Safety

AEL believe that Health and Safety is not a hassle or a way to stop work but is seen as a benefit to all.

We want all our staff to go home with no incident EVERY DAY. With this kind of attitude towards Health and Safety this benefits AEL and our customers in many ways.

Firstly all AEL employees go home safe as do our customers.

Secondly we have reduced sickness as we have fewer accidents.

Thirdly due to the lack of incidents in our nearly 20 years of trading our insurance premiums are amongst the lowest of electrical contractors.

Finally we have been able to expand into new markets where Health and Safety is paramount to our customers own daily operations. These customers include NHS, Northen Power Grid, Icelandic Group the list goes on.