Fire Alarm Installation

At Analogue Electrics Ltd we have gathered knowledge and expertise in the fire safety and detections systems since our beginnings in 1994.

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At Analogue Electrics Ltd we have gathered knowledge and expertise in the fire safety and detection systems since our beginnings in 1994.

Over the last couple of decades, we have carefully put together a team of highly qualified and accredited system engineers who through continual training support both small and large businesses throughout the UK.

We specialise in all aspects of fire alarm and detection systems, focusing on the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

Our services range from design and installation through to ongoing maintenance and testing of your system. This means that we can tailor our service to each individual business, based on their requirements, specifications and premises.

  • Design

    Let Analogue Electrics Ltd take control and design a fire alarm system that’s right for your premises

    Whether you’re an architect, construction company, facilities manager owner or tenant.

    Fire is serious business and a huge responsibility, so let Analogue Electrics Ltd take this burden away from you and design a system that will comply with all current regulations but not waste money on a system that you don’t need.

    Through years of experience, qualified designers and the approval of BAFE you know you are in the best hands.

    No unnecessary expense but always covered as you should be.

  • Installation

    It’s been designed by us or another BAFE approved designer now your fire alarm system needs installing properly.

    This is probably the most important part; correct installation will give a trouble free system for many years to come. We have found over the years that many systems are designed well, however very few are installed as they should be, often leading to many false alarms.

    Call Analogue Electrics Ltd with your design and let us install it exactly as it should be, complete with that all important BAFE certificate of compliance.

  • Commissioning & Handover

    Once the system has been installed it needs commissioning properly by a BAFE approved firm and one that has many qualified engineers that continually check their staffs own compliance.

    Commissioning and Handover mean you can be certain that the system has been installed as per design and that all documentation is completed and handed over to you or your premises manager correctly.

    Our Commissioning and Handover Includes :

    • Zone drawing fitted at the side of your panel, log book issued and all manufacturers instructions close by.
    • Training on your weekly tests and what to do in the event of a fire will all be given at this point to.
    • Analogue Electrics Ltd guiding you through to complete compliance and peace of mind, all at the convenience of one phone call, why would you trust anyone else?
  • Maintenance

    Once we have installed your fire alarm system, regular maintenance and servicing of your system are vital to ensure it is working effectively at all times. Our maintenance service ensures that your business premises comply with all fire safety and legal requirements to keep you and your employees safe.

    To keep your BAFE approved fire alarm system up to date and fully compliant, at handover, our technicians will issue you with a maintenance contract. This will give you all the contact details you need to contact us no matter what the event or query, whether in an emergency or to simply ask us a question about the fire alarm system.

    To keep your system compliant with BS 5839 regulations, the contract will also give you two visits a year from our own professional, skilled, and expert fire alarm engineers. During these visits, our engineers will test your fire alarms for any faults to ensure they are working effectively. They will inspect call points, alarms, changes to the system, the control panel, accessibility, batteries, and the ARC to make sure you are protected.

    Our maintenance service can further include any additional training you or your staff may need to maintain your fire alarm system. This training can teach you what to do in the event of a fire, how to risk assess the premises, how to maintain safety measures, how to plan for emergency, and how to test your fire alarms weekly and monthly in accordance with legal requirements.

    Analogue Electrics are BAFE and NICEIC approved fire alarm design, installation, and testing engineers. We are always here for you to ensure that you are fully compliant with the most recent regulations and to give you complete peace of mind that your fire alarm system is well maintained and operating correctly so that you are protected against the threat of fire.

  • Sectors

    Commercial and Industrial Units
    Commercial and Industrial sites usually contain a number of fire risks and hazards and must be appropriately protected in the event of a blaze. Analogue Electrics Ltd are on hand to carry out our fire safety services at all these types of sites across the UK.

    All properties within the hospitality industry require regular attention to detail when it comes to their fire safety and Analogue Electrics engineers have the kind of experience required to handle the fire safety requirements of this sector.

    Health & Facilities
    In a sector that includes health care facilities and hundreds if not thousands of patients, it is always well-advised to pay careful attention to fire safety. We understand the nature of the health and facilities sector, allowing us to provide the best possible solution whilst causing minimal disruption.

    From airports to the public sector transport industry, we fully understand and plan for the legalities and unique specifications of the transport sector.

    Shopping centres and retail stores see numerous members of the public on a daily basis, it’s key to ensure that your fire safety is up to date on these premises. We specialise in the installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems for the retail industry.

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